The rate of technological advancement has exploded in recent decades, spurring a kaleidoscopic proliferation of new businesses that are increasingly data- and service-driven. New modes of production and trade patterns have surfaced, and business models have been reshaped to stay afloat in waves of industrial revolution. Positioned at the incipient stages of transformative technological change, the international community is finding new ways to connect, and share skills, goods and services, relying on innovation to match expanding human needs on a finite planet, while at the same time learning to manage the risks that emerge from this technological evolution.

This economic transformation has the potential to lead to growth and employment opportunities. However, these gains are not inherent: they require improved assistance and well-developed trade policy frameworks to ensure that they translate on the ground in an equitable and inclusive manner. This stream will centre on the role that trade and investment policy can play in harnessing the new economy to deliver for sustainable development, evaluating where trade policy can drive growth and improve prospects for success among smaller firms and for developing countries in the evolving technological landscape.

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