The Trade and Sustainable Development Symposium in Bali brought together more than 1000 participants, including some 200 speakers and 50 partners representing almost 70 countries. 

Speakers included Ministers, Ambassadors and top business executives, providing invaluable insights into a wide range of topics relevant to trade and its critical role in achieving sustainable development.

ICTSD’s vast social media outreach, multilingual Bridges Network audience and webcasting of sessions enabled unprecedented global outreach.

Bali Trade and Development Symposium - Participants by sector

Bali Trade and Development Symposium - Participants by region

A high-level session on Trade in Services provided an important opportunity for developed and developing economies to discuss - in a non-negotiating setting – possible ways for granting preferential market access to services exporters from Least Developed Countries. The dialogue contributed to moving the operationalisation of the LDC Services Waiver forward, eventually leading to the collective request submitted by the LDC group in July 2014 and the high-level signalling meeting held in February 2015.

A dialogue on Trade in the Service of Climate Change Mitigation, Energy and Green Growth, attended by several ministers contributed to the announcement one month later in Davos of the Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA), launched in July 2014 by fourteen WTO members with the clear intention of producing the first results by this year’s ministerial conferences on trade and on climate change, respectively.

The TSDS saw the launch of the new RTA Exchange, a joint initiative with the Asian and the Inter-American development banks aimed at promoting international dialogue, deeper analysis and information-sharing on RTAs and all other non-multilateral trade agreements.

ICTSD also provided BRIDGES Daily Updates, in six different languages, of the Ministerial Conference negotiatons as they unfolded