Cancun 2003

Initiated by ICTSD, the Cancun Trade and Development Symposium (CTDS) took place in Cancun on 11-12 September 2003 at the Gran Melia Hotel in Cancun, in conjunction with the Fifth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation.

The CTDS was co-convened by the El Colegio de Mexico and ICTSD, with over 25 organisers taking part as session co-organiers. Over 300 participants, from government delegations, academia, business associations, inter-governmental organisations, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) attended the sessions.

The CTDS sought to provide a platform for intellectual enquiry and dialogue on issues related to trade and development and to address key concerns afflicting development in the trade policy arena. The main objective of the CTDS is to generate innovative thinking and informed inputs for trade negotiations by providing a space for trade policy makers and trade policy influencers to engage in an open and frank debate and share cutting edge analysis on key developing country concerns in the Doha Round.

ICTSD also provided BRIDGES Daily Updates, in six different languages, of the Ministerial Conference negotiatons as they unfolded.