The Geneva Trade and Development Symposium (GTDS) was held in conjunction with the Seventh Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation, in Geneva from the 29th November to 2nd December 2009. This symposium was open to the public - or all who wish to participate.

In parallel to the Seventh Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization, ICTSD organised the Geneva Trade and Development Symposium (GTDS). The GTDS followed the success of similar events, such as those that took place alongside the Cancun Ministerial in 2003 and the Hong Kong Ministerial in 2005. Organised around three plenaries and 24 panel sessions organized or co-organized by more than 28 institutions, the GTDS brought together approximately 650 registered participants including ministers, policy analysts, representatives from IGOs and NGOs, the private sector, and parliamentarians. Feedback from participants highlighted the high quality of both the plenaries and dedicated sessions with some participants describing the GTDS as the “only real show in town” during the time of the WTO Ministerial.

Beyond the organization of the plenary and panel sessions, ICTSD also provided a range of information and knowledge outputs to help civil society and policy-makers strengthen their analytic capacities and engage more effectively with the trade policy issues at hand. These included:

  • BRIDGES Daily Updates providing the most recent news coverage and analysis of the discussions and decisions taken during the WTO’s Seventh Ministerial Conference in seven languages.
  • A Dedicated Web Portal providing access to a wide range of information and knowledge on the GTDS and its partner organizations.