The Hong Kong Trade and Development Symposium (HKTDS), which took place on December 13-17, emerged as the only serious alternative forum during the Sixth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Centre.

Co-convened by ICTSD and the University of Hong Kong, nearly eighty partners ranging from Oxfam, farm groups to the World Bank joined forces to organise over fifty sessions at the TDS to provide genuine dialogue spaces for a wide range of actors. The HKTDS was a central part of ICTSD’s strategy to empower stakeholders through facilitating the generation of innovative thinking and analysis on pressing issues in the trade and sustainable development policy domain.  It brought together acclaimed academics, policy researchers, intergovernmental organisations (IGOs), nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) with expertise and knowledge in development-related issues, consumer groups, the private sector, and parliamentarians, to speak on panels to stimulate discussions. Speakers at the TDS included Joseph Stiglitz, Pascal Lamy, Supachai Panitchpakdi, Mary Robinson as well as Trade and Development Ministers from Denmark, Germany, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Mauritius, the Netherlands, and the UK.

BRIDGES Daily Updates were produced to provide up-to-date, succinct and accurate insights into ongoing negotiations. They were translated from English into Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. ICTSD‘s Hong Kong operations have firmly placed ICTSD as the leader in the global brokerage of knowledge on trade and sustainable development.